About Musicskins

MusicSkins LLC is the industry leader in music, fashion, art, television, and pop culture premium quality, vinyl skins. We envision all iPods, mobile phones, PDAs, gaming devices, laptops, iPads, cameras, hard drives, e-readers and other personal electronics as portable canvases for style and individuality. Our focus on pop culture and personalization has created a stylish way for bands, brands, artists, TV shows, DJs, models, charities, and media outlets to become closer to their fans while providing protection and an alternative to bulky cases. The popularity of so many diverse images in our skins catalog from The Beatles to Taylor Swift, Domo to Ed Hardy, Adult Swim to Find The Cure Clothing and everything in between has separated MusicSkins as the source for the coolest skins on the planet.

The online Customizer tool introduces a fresh new twist on personalizing the electronic devices we all use every day, making it easy and fun for people to express themselves using your favorite photos and artwork of your friends, family, loved ones, favorite pet, crazy party, great vacation, your own band or your company logo. Users simply choose from over 200 devices including iPhones and iPods, then upload a personal photo, logo, artwork, or image. Customizer lets you size, position and manipulate the image. You can even add background colors and text if you choose. The Customizer provides the ultimate level of personalization. There is truly a MusicSkin to suit every taste.

Our durable skins are Made in the USA from premium Averi vinyl, which will defend your device from the harshest scratches. The special adhesive is completely removable and leaves no residue so you can easily switch your MusicSkins for the latest release. MusicSkins add almost zero bulk so your device will still integrate perfectly with almost all case, bag, dock, iTrip or armband.

MusicSkins is a two year old US based company which has grown rapidly within the $150 million vinyl skin industry. Ranked as one of the top 3 world-wide market share leaders, MusicSkins was chosen as the “Worlds Greatest Skin Company” by the ION Network (Formerly PAX Network).

  • MusicSkins LLC views every personal electronic device as a portable canvas for style and individuality.
  • Our target market is large, ranging from children as young as age seven to mature adults. We have found that all age and gender demographics seek personalization, style, and individuality.
  • The MusicSkins catalog is expansive and diverse. From clothing brands including Ed Hardy to major artists including The Beatles, John Lennon, Elvis, to Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, Explodingdog and Adult Swim. Simply put, there is a MusicSkin to suit every taste and attract all demographics.
  • With the continued ongoing growth in the use of iPods, Laptops, and Cellular phones throughout the world, combined with the current MusicSkins catalog and the addition of new licensed properties each month, distributors and retailers alike are realizing explosive sales opportunities.
  • MusicSkins’ vision is to be the accessory that is a necessity for every consumer in the years to come.

Corporate Branding

In addition to customization and personalization, MusicSkins are a powerful marketing and branding tool for all corporations, both large and small. MusicSkins has provided corporate branded skins to clients such as Geico, Nascar.com, EA Sports, 2K Sports, Turner Broadcasting, and many others.

About the Product

MusicSkins are the highest quality skin product on the market. Produced using a patented Avery MPI vinyl with air release technology combined with a protective Oracle, gloss, overlaminate. The premium Avery vinyl material allows consumers to apply and remove their skin without any residue or air bubbles. The protective Oracle over laminate protects the skin from wear while also adding an additional protective layer for the device. “Protection while stylizing and personalizing”.

  • The Vinyl: MusicSkins are produced using a patented Avery MPI vinyl with air release technology.

    Important Benefits:

    1. Captures and holds photographic images
    2. No Air bubbles – the air release technology allows consumers to apply their skin without air bubbles.
    3. Flexible and moveable – consumers can apply and remove their skin without leaving residue being left behind.
    4. Strong – our skins will not rip
    5. No Bulk – our skins measure .01mm in height so your device will still integrate seamlessly with all cases, docks, arm bands, and bags.
  • The Laminate: MusicSkins unlike inferior product have a protective Oracle, gloss, over-laminate that adds girth and another layer of protection to our skins.

    Important Benefits

    1. The laminate adds girth – our skins don’t stretch or lose form and adds yet another layer of protection for the device.
    2. Protects the printed images – our skins are guaranteed to last for up to 5 years without fading or scratching.

Devices & Images

MusicSkins currently manufactures skins for over 200 devices quickly adding new ones as they become available.

MusicSkins currently has over 1000 different images available with new licenses and images added regularly.